How To Break It

My name is Steve and I break things.

How To Break It (HTBI) is the product of my life-long obsession with figuring things out. The Maker community has really exploded in ways I could not imagine. I, however, fancy myself a breaker.

With any project I approach it thinking I’m not the first to try it, so I probably can do it. I’ve been Breaking and building computers, in that order, since I was a kid. My father is a IT man, I am essentially a copy and paste of that guy, so I figure I picked up a few tricks from him at a young age. Playing DOOM  95 consumed a considerable chunk of my childhood, but I still found time to get in fights and ride and break bikes, jump on a VCR or two thinking it would make a time machine (I’m looking at you, Nick.)


As for my computer, I had to learn to fix it when it broke. Eventually got in to performance gaming PC’s, then moved toward becoming a web developer, picked up some server admin skills along the way and broke just about all of it. I like to have fun, and this is fun to me. Oh and my buddy kept nagging me to write down my little side projects. So thanks bud!

Let’s break something.

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This would be my AMD Phenom 9850 and Asus M2A-VM Board